Portraits of Peoria

I had the fantastic experience of working with a Peoria organization, Big Picture,
to design an AR app for their new mural series, Portraits of Peoria.


I was tasked to design and develop an AR app for the Big Picture Peoria organization. The organization unveiled eight new portraits about, by and for Peorians. The application scans these public murals to bring up information and a video about amazing figures from the Peoria community. You can download this application on both the Google Play store and IOS store for free. To learn more about Portraits of Peoria visit their Website. You can also test the app by using the photos of the murals on the site. 

The Design

When designing for this application I had to consider its large user base. This app was built for community members of all ages and technological abilities. This made it very important to design tutorials to help users understand the AR aspect of the application.

My solution was two popup screens with videos explaining how to use the application. These tutorials can easily bypassed for users who are more familiar with using AR, but still present for those who are not. 

The colors of the design echo back to the original colors of the Big Picture Organization.