Caterpillar/Bradley UX
Design Challenge 2022

This was a collaborative design challenge presented by Caterpillar. As a member of a team of 3
we tackled the challenge statement creating a high fidelity Figma prototype.

Problem Statement

Create an efficient and organized system for Caterpillar Dealerships to get broken assets through repair process back to customers. The  application design should include:  

  • Record communication regarding service management
  • Communicate with customers over multiple channels, including email, text, or phone call.
  • Include complete communication flow, from initial contact to invoicing.  

User Flows

Based on our problem statement brief we knew that multiple actors would be involved in the scenario. We created two journey maps from the customer and the dealership perspective to see what pain points each experience. 

Initial Concepts

Depicted on the right are initial concept sketch drawn depicting a rough layout of our new interface. 

The amount of information that was attached to each work order was overwhelming to look at all at once. For this reason, I suggested a dashboard with a drawer feature. The most essential information of each work order could be view on the main dashboard while more detailed information being stored in the drawer. 

A/B User Testing

My team however debated on the best directionality of the drawer to open. We brought this problem to user to get there opinions! We created a quick low fidelity prototype to establish which layout would be preferred. Utilizing our team did a A/B testing to see what was more user friendly. A horizontal opening drawer was much preferred and this was integrated into our design. 

Moderated Testing

Next,  we took the opportunity to test our high fidelity designs with users. The following task list and prototype was administered to users. 

Task List

  1. Find work order number 11111
    1. For work order in 11111 change priority from low to high
    2. Favorite the work order 11111
  2. Expand work order number 11111 (give the user a little bit to look over panel) 
    1. Change the Technician from Clancy to Will Phillips in the assignment section
    2. Add Will Phillips to the notification list
  3. Go to estimate section
    1. Locate where you would fill out the information for a new estimate
    2. Add the new estimate
    3. Send the new estimate to the customer
    4. Delete the first estimate
    5. Exit the estimate
  4. Go to the media section
    1. Upload the image “Technician.png”
    2. Add notes to the new image
    3. Save changes
    4. Share the image with the client
    5. Exit the media section
  5. Change the date of the ETC to December 10th
    1. Exit calendar
    2. Share the ETC with the customer
  6. Change the status of the asset from trucking in to trucking out
  7. Go to print section
    1. Go down the list and select each item to print
    2. Print the content


Listening to the Users

During the run-through of the moderated testing, it was shown that our notification task was causing confusion and needed restructuring. We made changes to be more easily seen by the user.